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Always update


      We view change positively and continue to evolve for the benefit of our customers.



One step ahead of the future for our customers.

We not only support our customers' "now" but also propose a new "future" for the future.



Technical expert who accompanies the customer

We continue to hone our skills as we work with our customers on their issues and grow ourselves.



Supporting Local Industries with Technology and People

We value self-improvement and teamwork, and support industrial development with our comprehensive proposal capabilities.


This policy is established as a basic approach to personnel strategy and personnel system based on our "Sakae Values" and in accordance with our "Human Resources Vision" for the growth of each and every employee.This policy is shared with all Sakae employees and is clearly stated and published in order to ensure highly transparent operation of the system.







We aim for our employees to have independence and autonomy, and to become self-reliant individuals who can think and act on their own initiative, while the company provides an environment for self-realization through work. For employees who work hard (i.e., achieve results), we provide attractive opportunities and an environment that enables them to work at a higher level, and we build a relationship of mutual trust and mutual improvement.





Human Resources Vision

"Aiming to create an organization where everyone can work happily."

・We give discretionary authority to those who like the work itself and entrust them with more and more tasks.
・For those who like the company Sakae, we offer roles and opportunities to participate in cross-functional projects.
・If you like your colleagues at work, we provide opportunities and opportunities for employees to interact with each other.
・For those who seek fulfillment in their family and hobbies, we provide a stable and easy place to work.




Sakae has a "Human Resources Policy" to respect employees who work to realize "Sakae Values" and to support them in acquiring a great life through their work.

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