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Here are some of the examples
of problem solutions we propose

We can propose solutions to issues in a variety of fields.
We will do our best to solve our customers' issues with our a great deal of experience and know-how.



We support you from system start-up to operation, including pre-introduction verification using 3D simulation software and trials using actual equipment. Please contact us.



We listen to the customer's current situation in detail and propose the most suitable AGV transport line to solve the customer's theme or problem.



We offer a variety of IOT solutions that match the requirements of our customers. We use IOT to collect and utilize data from equipment to solve problems such as quality improvement and cost reduction.


Electrical Construction

We can handle electrical work for a variety of equipment in your plant. If you have any electrical problems, please contact us.


Automation/FA system

We provide FA systems that meet the needs of our customers, including conveyance, parts supply, assembly equipment, and inspection


VA/VE engineering

We can help you reduce costs from the design stage. Please contact Sakae for all your bearing and seal needs. As the top distributor in the Tokai area, we boast the largest product lineup and inventory in the region.


Parts Processing

We can meet your requirements, from material selection for environmental or operating conditions to special shapes and high precision. Please feel free to tell us about your problems in parts processing.


Repair , After sales maintenance , Construction

Leave it to Sakae for all kinds of construction work at your plant! Where should I ask for this kind of construction work?" Please feel free to consult with us about anything from small to large projects.

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Hydraulic system

SAKAE's professional staff "Hydraulic Engineering Section" provides a wide range of services from system upgrades of new hydraulic systems to modifications, retrofitting, and special equipment using hydraulics.From equipment using hydraulic pressure to maintenance and troubleshooting of hydraulic equipment, you can trust SAKAE for all your hydraulic needs!

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