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Electrical construction

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Do you have any electrical problems?

・The PLC we are using has been discontinued. We want to replace it, but cannot do so in-house.
・I don't know how to update my cubicle.
・I want to take measures against power outages, but I don't know what to do.
・We want to modify our equipment for safety measures, but we are having trouble finding someone who is familiar with electricity.

Sakae handles a variety of electrical projects.


Utility Facilities

・Factory Facilities
・Switches, outlets
・Substation equipment 
・Solar power generation consultation
・Distribution boards

  • 無題LED Lighting Construction
  • 無題-1cubicle
  • 無題 (1)Rack construction, relocation, distribution board installation

In-plant facilities

New equipment start-up

・Drawing Design
・Software design, screen creation
・Purchase Parts
・Sheet metal fabrication, nameplate fabrication, control panel fabrication

・Commissioning and on-site adjustment


Process-specific support is also available. Please consult with us.

  • トルクプレート洗浄装置 (1) (1)Washing machine
  • 軸物寸法測定装置 (1) (1)Measuring machine
  • 力覚センサを用いた勘合動作 (1) (1)An assembler
  • 制御盤製作 (1) (1)Control panel production
  • ダウンロードDrilled sheet metal
  • 制御盤 部品 (1) (1)Control Panel Components

Electrical components Update and repair support

Replace PLCs, inverters, equipment, etc. used in the control panel with new products.
We provide a one-stop service from equipment selection to construction and drawing submittal.

We can also repair PLCs, circuit boards, and servo amplifiers.

  • PLC更新(前) (1) (1) (1)Before update
  • PLC更新(後) (1) (1) (1)After update

Electrical work personnel consultation

Have you ever had a problem with electrical workforce, such as a sudden need for manpower for holiday construction, or a sudden decision to start up or restore work overseas?
Sakae can dispatch electricians, including overseas SVs.
Please feel free to contact us.

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