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Do you have trouble with parts processing?

・I want to ask for spot processing.
・Looking for a quick turnaround time.
・I want to request processing in small lots.
・We have drawings that cannot be processed by our own machines.
・Looking for a place where we can draft and fabricate parts that do not have drawings.
・I want to make a prototype with a 3D printer.

Sakae is capable of machining parts for various applications.

Metal Processing

We solve our customers' problems in precision machining, long workpiece machining, machining of difficult-to-machine materials, can manufacturing, sheet metal working, and reverse engineering.

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Resin processing, 3D printer

We can also provide consultation on the selection of materials from general-purpose resins to those with weather resistance, sliding properties, high strength, heat resistance, conductivity, antistatic, etc.
We can manufacture single items that do not require molds, and we can also manufacture prototypes to mass production using our own 3D printers to meet customer needs.

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Surface Treatment

Surface treatment together with machining leads to VA and long life.Teflon coating, super corrosion-resistant electroless nickel plating, low-temperature black chrome treatment, Kanac treatment, or surface film treatment on special materials to replace resin or ceramic insulators are also available.

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The range of product specifications can be expanded by combining materials such as metal and resin, metal and rubber, and metal and ceramics.
We can provide base materials included or supplied according to customer's requirements.

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