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Robot Introduction

Here we introduce some examples of robot utilization and introduction.
The benefits of introducing robots are immeasurable and can greatly contribute to increased productivity.
In terms of productivity, production efficiency does not fluctuate, so production can be carried out as planned, and furthermore, 24-hour operation is possible.
In terms of personnel, manpower savings is the most important benefit.Robots can reduce the number of workers by replacing humans in the production process.The introduction of industrial robots is key in today's age of declining birthrates and aging populations, which make it difficult to secure human resources.
In addition, by introducing systems such as cameras, lasers, and sensors, it is possible to perform variety identification, image inspection, and even automation of teaching, thus contributing to the production of a wide variety of products in small lots.

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Examples of Robot Introduction

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Rubber stopper insertion device for plastic connectors

This device inserts a waterproof rubber plug into a plastic connector.Connectors are removed from the table of the supply unit by a robot with a camera to accommodate a wide variety of products.Normally, multiple parts feeders for connectors would be required, but by using a single supply unit and a robot with a camera, it is possible to save space, eliminate setups, and further reduce costs.Rubber plugs are pumped from the parts feeder and inserted into the connector on the index.

Laser engraving equipment

Equipment for laser engraving of cup-shaped workpieces.

Cycle time: 45 sec.

The robot removes cups placed at an arbitrary angle.

The marking position is angle compensated by camera recognition.

Since marking is performed on each of the top and bottom surfaces of the workpiece, the robot performs a front-to-back reversal.

This is the basic pattern when marking is required for multiple locations.

High-speed index feeding system with a GENKOTSU robot

This system uses a GENKOTSU robot to supply the indexes that are being inspected at high speed.

Cycle time 5.0sec/piece

Conventionally, operators have been supplying and unloading with a two-handed operation.The SCARA robot could not keep up with the cycle time and could not automate the process.The adoption of the GENKOTSU robot allowed us to clear the cycle time and automate the process.Cost-effective introduction was achieved by retrofitting existing indexing equipment with automated supply and discharge conveyors and robots.


Processing machine loading device with cooperative robot

This device uses a cooperative robot to load and unload materials from a processing machine.The introduction of robots has made it possible to semi-automate a process that used to require a worker to stay behind because of the small volume and high variety of products.Misalignment and teaching corrections due to tool loading, setup changes, etc. can be easily corrected onsite by using direct teaching, a feature of cooperative robots.This is an example of how a cooperative robot could be easily introduced simply by manufacturing a product storage area.

Cup Depalletizing device

This is a take-out and supply system for cup-shaped workpieces stacked in containers.Cycle time is reduced by using multiple robot hands.Furthermore, the shape of the inset could be shared with the hand for the cup when taking it out.The use of robots made it possible to connect the conveyor directly to the existing conveyor, thus reducing costs.

Internal Diameter Measuring Equipment by Rank

This device measures the inside diameter of cup-shaped workpieces.

Cycle time: 40 sec.

Cups placed at an arbitrary angle are taken out by the robot and angle-corrected by the camera and fed into the measuring tool.Measured using Keyence GT sensor and paid out to the take-out table by measurement accuracy.

Robot Applications

  • コンベアトラッキング (1)Conveyor Tracking
  • バリ取り (1)Deburring
  • 加工機投入・取り出し (1)Processing machine loading
  • 協働ロボットによるコンベア間搬送 (1) (1)Universal Robots
  • 力覚センサを用いた勘合動作 (1) (1)Disengagement action by force sensors
  • 溶接ビート検査 (1) (1)Weld Bead Inspection

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