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The key to cost reduction starts at the design stage

VE stands for Value Engineering.
Cost reduction activities from the design stage, such as redesigning a product that previously consisted of seven parts into one with three parts, are sometimes referred to as VE activities.Various improvement activities on site are also necessary for cost reduction.Cost reductions from the design phase have a dramatic effect compared to cost reductions in the field phase.

However, the design is a combination of various elemental technologies.
VE is an initiative that can only be undertaken by those who are very knowledgeable in the field.
Therefore, based on our track record and experience as a top distributor of NTN and NOK, Sakae will make VE proposals to your company by focusing on the fields of "bearings" and "packing".We also provide total coordination of power transmission (power transmission), we provide total coordination by taking advantage of our No. 1 procurement capabilities in the region.
For more information, please contact a Sakae sales representative.

No. 1 inventory in the region

As the top distributor of NTN Corporation in the Tokai region, Sakae boasts the No. 1 product lineup and inventory in the region.With over 5,000 items in stock at any given time, we can provide an emergency response to your company.

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Selection of optimum rubber material contributes to longer product life.

Longer seal life by reviewing rubber materials.

Our dedicated staff will select the best rubber material for your application conditions.
The use of optimal rubber material products contributes to longer product life.                                                                               

This is a condition in which fine cracks have formed on the O-ring surface due to ozone in the atmosphere.  
Cracks have subsided due to the use of ozone-resistant materials.

  • 耐候性の劣るゴム材 (1) (1)Photo① Rubber material with poor weather resistance
  • 耐候性に優れるゴム材 (1) (1)Photo②  Rubber material with excellent weather resistance

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