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Hydraulic system

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Hydraulic Engineering

Sakaie's professional staff "Hydraulic Engineering Section" provides a wide range of services from system upgrades of new hydraulic systems to modifications, retrofitting, and special equipment using hydraulics.From equipment using hydraulic pressure to maintenance and troubleshooting of hydraulic equipment, you can trust SAKAE for all your hydraulic needs!

Staff of hydraulic specialists

Are you troubled by hydraulic problems?

If you need help with hydraulics, leave it to Sakae.

From oil leakage countermeasures, oil temperature countermeasures, malfunctions of various equipment, replacement of foreign-made hydraulic equipment and obsolete equipment, and consultation on hydraulic circuits, Sakae's staff of hydraulic specialists will provide detailed support.

If you have any problems with hydraulics, please feel free to contact us!




Hydraulic System Engineering Case Study

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Parts for older equipment may already be unavailable.We and our partner manufacturers will replace the current parts and perform any necessary modifications to the periphery of the product.Compared to new products, the reuse of the main body is low-cost and environmentally friendly in terms of environmental protection and resource conservation.


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Hydraulic failure consultation

Please contact Sakae for any hydraulic problems such as unexplained heat generation or operation failure. We provide services that only a multi-vendor technical trading company that handles all kinds of manufacturers can offer.


・Severe oil leakage

・High oil temperature

・No pressure to increase

・Want to reduce power consumption

・I want to overhaul it, but I don't have the schematic.

Special device

We manufacture a variety of special equipment such as inspection, testing, and specialized machines that are unique to hydraulics.


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Change of piping standards

Piping for imported or older equipment may have unknown piping standards or may not be available in the current market in a short period of time.We modify and implement such poorly conditioned piping into easy-to-understand configurations.


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